Howard Stevens


Why is bigger than how

Everyday is gameday

Areas of Impact

​Commitment is the backbone of winning.  Full commitment requires you to go all-in.​

​The score may not be in your favor in the end, but you are competing against yourself.  The outcome is bigger than one game, one deal or one opportunity.    

​We need to have to an "all-in" level of commitment.

No matter what you do in life, you must strive to compete at your highest level.  From being a teacher to a business leader, you have to show up every day.

The real genius in success is being a little better today than you were yesterday.

​Every day is gameday.Stevens 

ARe you All-in?

Live with passion & purpose

​Just as a professional athlete trains for a game, we can train our attitude & mindset to live a life full of passion & purpose.

Passion fuels the feeling of having purpose.  When you wake up ready to accept this as truth, you ignite the power to overcome daily challenges.

​"One of the most dynamic & influential speakers that we have seen at our conference.  Howard is a powerhouse!"   

My dad always told me to figure out why & you will figure out how.

From day one, I knew why I wanted to play in the NFL.  Very few people believed that I could & I had moments of doubt myself.  The one constant that pushed me to keep fighting was my why.

​When your why is bigger than your how, you will find a way.